The achievement of beauty and quality, on the road to comfort

José Alberola's artisanal character has allowed him to maintain the highest quality standards for 40 years.

However, in this journey, it’s his spirit full of dedication and effort that has allowed the Alberola brand to achieve perfection in a concept as relative and technical as comfort.

It’s the vision for people, which puts the shoes in trend in markets from Italy to Japan.
And it’s the value for the people, which turns the brand into a flag of trust that has always been there and will always be there.

Vulcanizados Alberola has based its work on traditional and sustainable fundamentals since 1981.

Loyal to the traditional vulcanization techniques from Elche, Spain's home of the footwear industry, but innovative with ECO-Production through sustainable energies and recycled materials, the adaptation to more than 50 countries' markets, and the progress towards new lines of the future.