Resting Feet

Find in our catalog the footwear that will define our relationship. Orthopedic shoes, latest trends, seasonal products; fill the cart as you need and get in touch to design a relationship that lasts generations.

Loyal to the comfort that Vulcanizados Alberola has represented for 40 years, the brand continues growing by adapting to the market trends and reinventions.

One goal, creating a product that efficiently fulfills your business needs.

One tool, the relationship that helps us grow together season after season the same way our representatives in more than 50 countries already do.


In a business world that grows distant and impersonal, Vulcanizados Alberola sticks to the traditionally close relationship with stakeholders.

Get in touch; let’s set prices and shipping terms aligned with your needs.

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Subvención de 37.605,73€ otorgada por Generalitat Valenciana mediante Resolución de 9 de Julio de 2019, de la directora general de Industria y Energía, Vulcanizados Alberola S.L. ejecuta la obra correspondiente a una instalación solar fotovoltaica de 40kwn destinada a autoconsumo eléctrico para su establecimiento industrial situado en Elche Parque Industrial C/ Juan Negrín, 55 03320 - Torrellano - Elche (Alicante)